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bulletThank you for your interest in becoming a member of Psychic Triad. Please read this page to get an idea of how Psychic Triad works and what is expected of you as a member before you fill out the application.

Services & Requirements: We offer detailed email readings. You are expected to complete the reading with in 24 hours of getting an order notice. You will be required to sign an independent contractor agreement with Psychic Triad before you can begin giving readings. You can mail or fax your signed agreement. Occasionally we have a member meeting in our private chat room. You will be notified prior to the meeting so you can make arrangements to attend.

Payment: When Psychic Triad receives a reading order, you will be notified by email and a copy of the order will be attached for your records. You will receive 60% of the price of every reading you provide. Payments will be deposited into your Pay Pal account once a month. If you do not have an account you can sign up for free here:

Work Ethics: My main goal when I created this website was to provide a place were people can get an honest reading with a professional psychic at a fair price. I give readings with the highest ethics, morals, and good intentions. I expect the same from my staff. I am only interested in accurate, compassionate, experienced, talented, dedicated, loyal, trust worthy readers. If you are inexperienced and do not feel you can work as a team member under ethical standards, do not waste your time or mine by applying. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of the gang please send in your application :) We offer readings, no spell casting.

After you read this page Click Here to fill out the application for employment. At any time if you have any questions, comments, problems or suggestions please let me know. I am always here to help. I look forward to having you as a member of Psychic Triad!

Shelby Lynn~

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